Did you know?
The Hotel & Residence Villa Bartolomea was finished in 2010 and opened for business in 2012. Outside, it has the typical features of a Venetian-style villa, but inside it is designed or modern living, with a warm and welcoming colour scheme and furnishings; the entire facility was designed for guests to the Verona area, whether on business or holiday.
Here are some interesting facts about the Hotel & Residence Villa Bartolomea.

Plenty of air helps you sleep

The Hotel & Residence Villa Bartolomea was designed with an innovative, separate air treatment system: one of the unique features of the Hotel.
Fresh air is circulated throughout the building and in the rooms: the air from the outside is filtered, treated and distributed just as the suction plant is removing the “used” air. For health and wellbeing in every room.

Temperature as you wish

An easy-to-use digital temperature control in each room allows you to set the temperature as you want it, and to switch the heating and air-conditioning off and on as you require. You can increase or lower the temperature by three degrees.

Extra-large showers in every bathroom

The Hotel & Residence Villa Bartolomea have a special welcome feature: all the bathrooms are fitted with extra-large showers, 85×160 cm. They are separated from the rest of the bathroom by glass for easy access and excellent hygiene. Clients can choose between the standard and a large shower nozzle, with 20 cm diameter, for a wonderfully relaxing sensation.

Particularly comfortable bedding

Mattresses are essential for a good sleep: at the Hotel & Residence Villa Bartolomea every room has a rigid mattress on a box spring with slats. Another prestige element is the soft down bedding, guaranteeing a relaxing sleep. In autumn and winter, the eiderdowns are between a bottom and top sheet for hygiene and cleanliness.

Silence is golden

The Hotel & Residence Villa Bartolomea has a horizontal design with the restaurant area on one side of the hall/reception and the rooms on the other. This means that silence is guaranteed to all guests who want to get an early night, without penalizing those who wish to use the restaurant and bar into the small hours.